Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine isn’t just for elite athletes. Anyone who is active can be treated with the very successful protocols of Sports Medicine.  This includes the “Weekend Warriors” and Senior Citizens trying to exercise.  There are two types of foot and ankle injuries that we cater to here at Caputo Foot and Ankle Center. 

The First is  obvious: Acute Foot /Ankle Trauma.  A trip and fall that leads to a sprained ankle, broken bone in the foot or damage to a toe/toenail that bruises or bleeds after banging it on the bedpost at night needs immediate attention.  These conditions are usually painful and can look red, hot, swollen, or black and blue.  Some people mis-diagnose this as Gout (which is totally different).  This is why we recommend proper evaluation (usually with X-Rays in the office) and quick and proper treatment.

The Second is less obvious, but actually more common: Chronic Overuse.  This happens after starting a new exercise, or increasing the level of exercise.  Any minor malalignment, arthritis or old injury can lead to painful overuse injuries, especially in improper shoe-gear.   “Walking barefoot at home has become a new culprit of foot and ankle ailments during the CoVid Pandemic and Working from Home”, says Dr. Patrick (Pat) Caputo, who has over 30 years’ experience in Podiatry.

The list of Common Overuse injuries of the Foot and Ankle include:

  • Arch strain from Flat Feet
  • Bunion, Hammertoe and Arthritic flare-ups
  • Plantar fasciitis heel pain on the bottom of the foot
  • Achilles Tendonitis heel pain on the back of the heel/ankle
  • Mild ankle sprain (strain) and tendonitis/bursitis
  • Metatarsal pain and Morton’s Neuroma
  • Growing Pains in active kids

If your feet hurt, don’t delay. 

Make an appointment with our trusted Board-Certified team and get back in the game!

Serving Monmouth and Middlesex Counties, the office is easy to reach from all the Bayshore towns as well as Matawan, Aberdeen, Middletown, Old Bridge, The Amboys, Sayreville, Colts Neck, Tinton Falls, Marlboro and Manalapan.

  • Easy to find in Holmdel across from Bayshore Hospital. 
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Coming Soon, new information on Extra Corporal Shock Wave Therapy and other Non-Surgical aspects of Podiatric Sports Medicine of the Foot and Ankle. 

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