Children's Foot Care

What is Children's foot care?

Many of the same foot and ankle ailments that affect adults can also affect children. But to make matters even more complex, children are continuously growing, so they can slowly develop abnormalities that may not be immediately apparent. Pediatric foot care can involve:

  • Ensuring your child is healthy enough for sports
  • Monitoring your child’s growth and development
  • Intervening if your child isn’t walking or is having difficulty walking
  • Treating sores, cuts, fungal infections, wounds, and ingrown toenails

Pediatric foot care needs may begin within your child’s first year of life, or even during their grade school years and beyond. Anytime you notice that your child has an injury or foot and ankle abnormality, they should see a pediatric foot care specialist.

When should my child see a podiatrist?

With her extensive pediatric training and experience, Dr. Rivera of Aesthetic Podiatry & Sports Medicine Center can care for infants and children of all ages. You should schedule an evaluation for your little one if they:

  • Develop plantar warts
  • Develop ingrown toe nails
  • Are limping while walking or standing

It’s also important to book pediatric foot care evaluation with Dr. Rivera if your child has any swelling, tenderness, or inflammation in their lower extremities. Dr. Rivera can perform X-ray or ultrasound imaging on the spot to determine if your child has an underlying condition that requires treatment.

Which types of pediatric foot care treatments are available?

Most pediatric foot care treatment plans from Aesthetic Podiatry & Sports Medicine Center begin with conservative measures. Depending on your child’s diagnosis, Dr. Rivera may recommend:

  • Braces or splints
  • Physical therapy
  • Daily stretches
  • Specialized footwear
  • Medications or topical ointments

Drs. Caputo and DeLorenzo can perform many minimally invasive treatments, including ingrown toenail removal, right in the office. We always keep you involved in every decision-making step of your child’s pediatric foot care plan.  

Schedule your child’s pediatric foot care evaluation at Caputo Foot and Ankle Center today. Call the office directly at 732-739-3230.

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