While they stem from different causes and attack the feet in different ways, Osteoarthritis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), and Psoriatic Arthritis can cause similar symptoms, including joint pain which may affect the feet. Our Board Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists are trained to evaluate and treat most local manifestations of arthritis in the feet.  We have X-Rays on premises to aid in the diagnosis.

Osteoarthritis, and Hallux Rigidus

Osteoarthritis  otherwise known as degenerative joint disease  is the most common type of arthritis. It most commonly occurs in the weight bearing joints of the hips, knees, feet, toes and spine. Osteoarthritis tends to affect women more often than men. Most people that are 60 years or older have osteoarthritis to a varying degree. However, it has been diagnosed in individuals in their 20s and 30s, as well.

Symptoms often develop gradually and include:

  • Joint aching, stiffness and soreness.
  • Pain after overuse or after long periods of inactivity.
  • Bony enlargements and joint swelling, also known as Hallux Rigidus in the Big Toe and Hammertoes in the lesser toes.

An individual’s chances of developing osteoarthritis are based on several factors including:

  • Heredity
  • Obesity
  • Injury
  • Joint Overuse

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic disease. It causes inflammation of the lining of the joints, and can lead to long-term joint damage which results in chronic pain, loss of function and disability.

Unfortunately there is no cure for RA and flares in disease activity occur spontaneously. 

However, we work closely with Rheumatologists through the use of new drugs, exercise, joint protection techniques and therapeutic shoes and Orthotics, more people than ever are living with RA and leading happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Concerned You Have Arthritis?

Any form of Arthritis can make the joints in your feet very painful. If you are concerned that you may be suffering from arthritis, don’t suffer a moment longer! Schedule an appointment today (732-739-3230).

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