Flatfoot, in children and adults is a common disorder in which the arch of both feet flattens. It is easily identified, as the entire sole of the affected person’s foot touches the floor when they stand. While the condition itself is typically painless, it can cause problems elsewhere in the body due to the way it alters the alignment of the leg.

One of the most common varieties of the disorder is flexible flatfoot, which begins in childhood.   While many children grow out of flexible flatfoot, for some in perpetuates into adulthood. It is also possible to acquire flatfoot as an adult, either by injury or as a result of diseases such as arthritis or diabetes.  

Even if non-painful, developmental flatfoot in one foot only is a sign of something wrong and should be evaluated.


Adult or Childhood Flatfoot conditons are usually conservative, including orthotics and supportive footwear. Our new “Tom-Cat 3D Scanner” is the newest and best technology for accurate Custom Orthotics. Flat feet may not be initially painful, but can cause serious wear and tear if left untreated. If your arches have collapsed, or flattened, make an appointment to see our Board Certified podiatrists as soon as possible.

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